Exhibition in cronological order

Caminito. Mañana de invierno

Oleo 55 x 38

Farolito centinela en Caminito, La Boca república independiente, en Buenos Aires querido.

58 Vienna from the Pratter Ferris Wheel.

Oil 54 x 82.

Imperial Vienna can be seen from the old cabins.

February light.

Oil 55 x 83

In the uncertain light of dusk, the ugliness of the buildings fades away.

The Grand Canal and October Light

Oil 50 x 64

The water of the canal lends its sepia color to the sky and the sun.

August afternoon. Valdemosa

Oil 37 x 55

Between the many shades of green in the gardens of the Carthusian monastery, a strange peace reigns

Montmartre after the rain

Oil 52 x 60

The rain makes the streets and even the Sacre Coeur sparkle

Light according to color

Oil 81 x 60

Color is determined by the shapes that vary in its movement, the incidence of light.

Caminito . In the siesta.

Oil 60 x 45.

Change of light in Buenos Aires

Oil 50 x 65

From a radiant day, in the upper part of the painting, to a closed night in the lower part. Everything is possible next to La Chacarita in Buenos Aires.

Winter light. Río del Plata.

Oil 65 x 50.

The Río del Plata, always dreaming that it is the sea, until it achieves it.

The other side of Calle Mayor, in July

Oleo 65 x 54

The backyards are embellished thanks to the broken lees that integrate them.

Mazarron. February Light

Oil 60 x 80

Festival of lights with which the sky of Mazarrón entertains us some afternoons.

La Lucia en La Boca

Oleo 45 x 37

In the independent republic of La Boca, located in the heart of Buenos Aires ...

Autumn light. Ponte Vecchio.

Oil 100 x 65

The sienna color dominates on the bridge, in the river and even in the sky

San Roque. April 2024.

Oil 81 x 60.

The waters covered the land, and formed a sea again, and everything was permeated with peace and harmony

15 Peñiscola since the light of June.

Oil 81 x 60.

The light of the Mediterranean in June equalizes and merges the castle with the sea and with Peñiscola.

Last Light . Montenegro.

Oil 81 x 65.

Light and wind quickly change the colors in the sky and tree branches.

August light, clear, on the Seine

Oil 46 x 61 18

Venice broken in autumn.

Oil 61 x 50.

The water in Venice still reflects the palaces that disappeared. 19 The Signoria with Autumn Light Oil 93 x 65. The signoria stands proudly on its broken tower, dominating the whole of Florence from its height.

The Signoria with Autumn

Light Oil 93 x 65.

The signoria stands proudly on its broken tower, dominating the whole of Florence from its height.

Summer on the Steps. Rome.

Oil 80 x 60

The shades of green multiply in the centuries-old ivy that adorns the old palaces of La Escalinatal

Trajan's Column in August. Rome.

Oil 65 x 81.

Observe the centuries of past glories and their remains, defying verticality from its column.

End of the journey

Oil 73 x 53

Now that the journey is over, I am calm.

Shades in August. Palm.

Oil 54 x 73.

They are from Palma, streets and squares so real that they protect from the sun, and from the passage of time.

Wheel Broken Sewer.

Oil 60 x 81 25 S

The Cathedral according to December.

Oil 92 x 76

The cathedral lends all its beauty and elegance to the golden light of Murcian December.

October backlight

Oil 54 x 81.

October's backlight reflected in the earth, water, and trees, equates everyone with gold.

February Morning in Piraeus

Oleo 81 x 60

There are no cold mornings in Piraeus. Warm and rich, like its light.

February Morning in Piraeus

Oleo 81 x 60

There are no cold mornings in Piraeus. Warm and rich, like its light.

November backlight.

Oil 54 x 73.

Forms are fragmented and divided into parts, ..

Summer evening in Amsterdam.

Oil 65 x 92.

30 August afternoon in Amsterdam.

Oil 92 x 73.

Amid the shattered shadows of an August afternoon in Rembrandt Square, there is something that almost seems calm.

32 Elm in the wind.

Oil 60 x 81.

As the air ripples the surface of the water, the light in the October afternoon illuminates every elm leaf in flashes.33

The Magic Box.

Oil 60 x 80.

It exists and is everywhere. Sometimes it envelops us. From there come shapes and colors, feelings and light; subdued, intense or soft and enveloping. Sometimes it blinds us and screams at us, and sometimes it caresses us and whispers to our hearts. But it always makes us feel alive, and even alive. It's a magic box, it's poetry.

Reflections in Volledam

Oil 60 x 80.

At a certain time of the morning, the houses reflected in the canal become the real ones.

Notre Dame after the rain.

Oil 100 x 80.

Grey in Paris is imbued with luminosity, acquiring the category of a unique colour and so special that it even corrects the shapes.

37 Temple in the forest.

Oil 100 x 80.

When the waters receded, art and nature, as always, came back together.

April Light in Lisbon.

Oil 65 x 81.

From Alfama, at the junction of the Tagus with the Atlantic, the reflection of the water and the sky also merges, making broken lines on the banks and palm trees.

August in Shanghai.

Oil 100 x 80.

Nostalgia in the sepia of the sky over the dark and serene reflections of the Daguang

August in Kung Ming. Sanshi Yi Gate.

Oil 65 x 81.

The Imperial Jade Gate, mixed with modernity but not united, for a thousand years watching time go by.

Reflections in Lake Chihu. Kung Ming.

Oil 65 x 93

August morning on the Huangpu. Sanghai.

Oil 73 x 92

Moyka Channel.S. Petersburg.

Oil 61 x 90.

Superb in their decrepit splendor, the palaces of St. Petersburg can be seen in their canals.

44 Reflections on the Bolshaia Neva.

Oil 65 x 92.

The clouds and the past glories of the Tsars lend their reflections to the great river Neva.

Sennaya Square. St. Petersburg.

Oil 81 x 65.

In the heart of Stalin's city, in Sennaya, everything is bought and almost everything is sold.

47 Don't despair

Oil 33 x 40.

This is how Salcillo saw it in The Prayer of the Garden. An almost impossible hand, help Jesus

Ponte Carminatti.Venice.

Oil 93 x 65.

Only the water still stands, above its reflections, the unreal palaces and bridges of Venice.

The Smile on the Bridge.

Oil 60 x 80.

Depending on where you look at it from, the majestic bridge seems to invite you to visit its tower.

. 50 Piccadilly Circus in August.

Oil 65 x 93.

The angel watches, overwhelmed, the hustle and bustle of London life at his feet, not daring to shoot his bow at him.

London Transport.Trafalgar Sq.

Oil 65 x 81.

From the historic height of his column, Nelson is almost unbothered by traffic; It distracts him.

On Lines and Color.

Oil 73 x 100.

Forms that undulate and fly, according to the light that moves them.

. There's no second here.

Oil 130 x 95.

There is only one winner, there will be no second, only failures. It's the America's Cup.

Light with blue and green.

Oil 90 x 65.

Comfortably installed in the mirror of the canals of the Midi, the greens of the trees and the blues.

55 May light on the wheel.

Oil 60 x 80.

The green of the orchard and the water give meaning to the wheel.

56 Mata de les rates

Oleo 73 x 95.

The old lagoon retains a lot of life, as well as history.

The Dock Fair. Brighton.

Oil 100 x 75.

The illusion of today's children still maintains the outdated fair of the old empire.

34 Flowers in Capri

Oil 65 x 92

My illustrious colleague Axel Munthe grew them in his Villa of San Michelle de Capri.

59 Reflections in green.

Oil 73 x 100.

It would seem that the sky and the trees are in the canal, and not on it.

60 September Reflections. Mazarrón.

Oil 60 x 90.

A beach in Mazarrón. Always at a certain time, the sky and the sea exchange their reflections.

61 The cypress trees on the bridge.

Oil 65 x 82.

The old river valley is crossed by a long sigh of cement and iron.

63 Blues on the Liffey. Dublin.

Oil 60 x 90.

Joyce and Ulysses, both of them, were trapped eternally in Dublin by the night reflections of the Liffey.

46 September light behind the Brandenburg Gate. Berlin

Oil 65 x 92.

Beneath its arches and in the silence of the night, the chains of the Reich panzers can still be heard thundering.

64 Saturday night.

Oil 73 x 92.

We were here long before the church, so... it's ours.

Terrace in August. Montpellier.

Oil 92 x 73.

Light plays with the carmine of the awning and the green of the coca on a terrace in the French Midi.

66 April light according to Lorca.

Oil 80 x 100.

The cobalt blue with turquoise, added to a lot of light and hope, give the Lorca Blue.

Albufera in green and blue.

Oil 100 x 65.

The water is not as deep, nor is the lagoon as unsettling as the reflections suggest.

62 Reflections and blues. Mazarrón.

Oil 65 x 93.

The blues on blue of the tuna boats break the already very blue ones of the Port of Mazarrón.

Tobu Isesaki line. Tokyo.

Oil 65 x 82.

On a wide sigh of iron and steel passes one of Tokyo's many trains. On the metal structure, a cinnabar green glow with the cadmium yellow produced by the lighting.

Crosswalk. Shibuya.

Oil 73 x 100

Pedestrians flow periodically and constantly, like several great rivers that intersect without mixing, over and over again.

Level crossing.

Oil 100 x 73.

In a long sigh, the train tracks extend the desolation by 50 meters, untouchable, around them. They pass by indifferently with arrogant disdain and divide in two a city that cannot stand them.

Conveyors color

Oleo 73 x 92

By a path in space, the black color of Mars, the transporting prisms carry colors driven by a different geometric shape that illuminates and guides them.

Vive les Vegues.

Oil 100 x 80.

Elvis sang to the shining city of dreams, the one that never sleeps. In which everything that happens there, stays there.

Golden Gate. If you are going to San Francisco...

Oil 92 x 65.

A very long sigh of red steel suspended on just two pillars along the entire length of the bay.

Arriving at the port. Cartagena.

Oil 140 x 65.

The light of Cartagena gives the wide panorama of the town hall square a sieve that illuminates buildings and the ground of the place, in such a way that it could almost be said that it is the nearby water of the sea, instead of the land.

The Tower of St. Helena.

0Leo 72 x 92.

The sea watches over the ancient tower and its cliffs, while everyone watches the time go by.

On board the "Airoso".

Oil 72 x 92.

On the flat sea afternoon, the Airoso glides desiring a little more movement.

Interspace Race

Oil 93 x 72

Against a background of changing shapes and through them, two runners compete on the deadly edge. The loser will disappear, like tears in the rain. 98 Twilight in orange cadmium. The Azohia. Oil 100 x 81. The sea absorbs the lights and colors, returning them to the twilight sky.

Light Behind the Ferris Wheel

Oil 62 x 85

The old Ferris wheel is rejuvenated by playing with the water and the sparkles of light as you cross it.

November Light.

Oil 93 x 65.

La Azohia brings blue and pearly tones to its sunsets

Mahattan Bridge. They long to go astray...

Oil 70 x 100.

The Manhattan Bridge dwarfs the river.

Brooklyn Bridge. I want to wake up...

Oil 93 x 65.

There is a time of day on the bridge, which is commanded by both the night lights of the buildings and the reflections of the sun on the iron. Is it getting dark or is dawn?

Lower Manhattan. I want to be part of it.

Oil 65 x 93

Beauty is created that was not expected among gigantic buildings, as they reflect each other and form a unique whole with the lights..

One World Trade Center. I,m leaving today.

Oil 70 x 95

An authentic center surrounded by hundreds of centers, all of which are believed to be unique.

88 High Line. Start spreading the news.

Oil 65 x 93

Begins by singing Sinatra in his New York, New York. He knows that the Big Apple is unique! And that's how he conveys it.

Plaza de Regla . Havana.

Oil 80 x 60.

Outside the city of Havana, in Regla, life follows a different course.

86 Convertible by Columbus.

Oil 82 x 65

The old glories of its magnificent buildings and endearing cars pass through the Paseo de Colón.

West of the Malecon.

Oil 100 x 60

On stormy nights, you can still hear the holy and signal of the sentinels of the Morro Castle.

East of the Malecon.

Oil 80 x 60

The water on the sidewalk of the Malecón seems to lend its reflection to the sky.

Waves on the Malecon

Oleo 93 x 65.

The wave, suspended above its reflection on the ground, dances between the old cannons.

Crazy Day.

Oil 75 x 93

Great day in the village for some great and magnificent madmen, who will determine our future.

Boat on fjords.

Oil 65 x 81.

The deep, dark Prussian blue of the Norwegian fjords is more typical of the high seas.

80 Moscow, beloved homeland.

Oil 83 x 95.

In the immense square and under the watchful eye of the Kremlin, there is room for everyone, from Lenin to St. Basil

79 The Bridge with blue and ochre.

Oil 65x 92.

Our Segura surprises both for its floods and for the multitude of lights it hosts.

A labyrinth in blue.

Oil 72 x 93

Paths that cross and stairs that go up and disappear. There is no origin or destination. They are only joined by the same color.

Metal with water. My J-Prop.

Oil 50 x 61.

Metal, water and a third element, air, make the Airoso navigate. Earth and fire are superfluous.

Central Station. Glasgow.

Oil 91 x 65.

Faded glory in Glasgow station with its trains, where everything comes and everything passes.

Piazza Il Campo from Costa Barbieri.

Oil, Diptych.Two paintings of 81 x 65.

The Torre del Mangia impassively attends its own show in the Piazza. This is Siena.

Grand Canal from Campo Erberia .

Diptych. Two 81 x 65 paintings.

The Venetian palaces, only pay attention to their decrepit splendour and the water level of their canals.

Books and Iron in the Osiander of Konstanza

Oil 80 x 63.

Books and iron, letters and steel. Great and powerful elements in history.

Backlight in Freiburg.

Oil 73 x 60.

Vines shade the old streets in the heart of Europe. 70 Books and Iron in the Osiander of Konstanza Oil 80 x 63. Books and iron, letters and steel. Great and powerful elements in history.

Reflection Print

Oil 75 x 100

Oblivious to the din of the battles in Strasbourg, the water flows beneath her reflections.

Padlocks at the Entrance. Konstanza.

Oil 91 x 65.

Promises are chained together in the dream that they will remain forever. Like the courtesan Imperia with her scales.

18 with 7th. Right in the heart of it

Oil 95 x 70.

Teresa and Gandhi secrete on Seventh Avenue.

Plaza Vieja. Havana.

Oil 80 x 65.

'... Where are the singers from?' you hear singing ask, from the Buenavista Social Club on the corner.

Times Square. These tramp shoes...

Oil 70 x 95 x6

The heart of the center of the world never sleeps.

Twilight in orange cadmium. The Azohia.

Oil 100 x 81.

The sea absorbs the lights and colors, returning them to the twilight sky.